Married: The Virgin Widow (Harlequin Historical)

Authors: Deborah Hale
Publisher: Harlequin
Keywords: historical, harlequin, widow, virgin, married
Pages: 288
Published: 2011-01-18
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373296290     ISBN-13: 9780373296293
Binding: Mass Marke
List Price: 5.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Innocent on her wedding night Her hands bound by blackmail and duty, Laura Penrose was forced to marry her sweetheart’s ruthless uncle. Ford Barrett, Lord Kingsfold, has returned from the East Indies. The woman who betrayed him has a debt to pay – Laura owes him a wedding…and a wedding night! But the sweet widow sacrificed herself once out of duty – she won’t be taken again for revenge. But this new, dark, dangerous Ford discards her pleas… Can she tell him she never wronged him, before he discovers her more innocent secret? Gentlemen of Fortune Three men with money, power and success… Looking to share life with the right woman

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