Techniques Of Constructive Analysis (Universitext)

Author: Douglas S. Bridges, Luminita Simona Vita,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: universitext, analysis, constructive, techniques
Pages: 232
Published: 2006-09-19
Language: English
Category: Mathematics, Science,
ISBN-10: 038733646X     ISBN-13: 9780387336466
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 54.95 USD
This book is an introduction to constructive mathematics with an emphasis on techniques and results obtained in the last twenty years. The text covers fundamental theory of the real line and metric spaces, focusing on locatedness in normed spaces and with associated results about operators and their adjoints on a Hilbert space. The first appendix gathers together some basic notions about sets and orders, the second gives the axioms for intuitionistic logic. No background in intuitionistic logic or constructive analysis is needed in order to read the book, but some familiarity with the classical theories of metric, normed and Hilbert spaces is necessary.

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