Insight Guides Seattle

Author: John Wilcock, Martha Ellen Zenfell, Brian Bell,
Publisher: Apa Productions
Keywords: seattle, guides, insight
Pages: 273
Published: 1993-05
Language: English
Category: West, Regions, United States, Travel,
ISBN-10: 0395659892     ISBN-13: 9780395659892
Binding: Paperback (1st)
List Price: 21.95 USD
Insight Guides, the world's largest visual travel guide series, in association with Discovery Channel, the world's premier source of nonfiction entertainment, provides more insight than ever. From the most popular resort cities to the most exotic villages, Insight Guides capture the unique character of each culture with an insider's perspective. Inside every Insight Guide you'll find: .Evocative, full-colour photography on every page .Cross-referenced, full-colour maps throughout .A brief introduction including a historical timeline .Lively essays by local writers on the culture, history, and people .Expert evaluations on the sights really worth seeing .Special features spotlighting particular topics of interest .A comprehensive Travel Tips section with listings of the best restaurants, hotels, and attractions, as well as practical information on getting around and advice for travel with children

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