Metro Pour L'ecosse Rouge Student Book

Authors: Claire Bleasdale
Publisher: Heinemann Secondary Education
Keywords: student, book, rouge, ecosse, pour, metro
Pages: 232
Published: 2002-08-15
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0435381326     ISBN-13: 9780435381325
Binding: Paperback
List Price: Unknown
Metro pour L'Ecosse covers the Scottish curriculum at S3 and S4, taking into account the requirements for Standard Grade and Intermediate Levels 1 and 2. It follows on from Metro 1 and 2 but can be used as a stand-alone course. It is a clearly structured course that focuses strongly on grammar and gives students plenty of opportunities for practice and revision throughout, to help them face the exams with total confidence. This Rouge book is for General/Credit/Intermediate 2. It includes grammatical progression and clear explanations for pupils; optional primer sections ("Deja vu") at the start of each chaper which revise earlier material; opportunities to practise all four skills; and special sections which focus on key areas such as extended writing and speaking practice.

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