Modeling Ordered Choices: A Primer

Author: William H. Greene, David A. Hensher,
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Keywords: primer, choices, ordered, modeling
Pages: 382
Published: 2010-05-17
Language: English
Category: Economics, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 0521142377     ISBN-13: 9780521142373
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 48.99 USD
It is increasingly common for analysts to seek out the opinions of individuals and organizations using attitudinal scales such as degree of satisfaction or importance attached to an issue. Examples include levels of obesity, seriousness of a health condition, attitudes towards service levels, opinions on products, voting intentions, and the degree of clarity of contracts. Ordered choice models provide a relevant methodology for capturing the sources of influence that explain the choice made amongst a set of ordered alternatives. The methods have evolved to a level of sophistication that can allow for heterogeneity in the threshold parameters, in the explanatory variables (through random parameters), and in the decomposition of the residual variance. This book brings together contributions in ordered choice modeling from a number of disciplines, synthesizing developments over the last fifty years, and suggests useful extensions to account for the wide range of sources of influence on choice.

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