The Puppy Place #26: Rocky

Authors: Ellen Miles
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Keywords: rocky, place, puppy
Pages: 96
Published: 2012-08-01
Language: English
Category: Dogs, Animals, Children's
ISBN-10: 0545348366     ISBN-13: 9780545348362
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 4.99 USD
Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

When Lizzie sees an ad in the paper for a dog in need of a new home, she is immediately concerned. Why is this person so anxious to get rid of their puppy? Rocky is a cuddly, couch potato of a Bulldog. He was originally brought in as a guard dog but he would rather nap than protect a store. While fostering Rocky, Lizzie learns that the puppy is very stubborn and not open to changing his lazy ways. But every pet owner has a different need and Lizzie is able to find an older couple in need of a companion who are more than happy to accomodate the sleepy puppy's lifestyle.

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