Interaction Between Structural And Geotechnical Engineers

Author: Rolf Katzenbach, Jens Turek,
Publisher: Thomas Telford, Ltd
Keywords: engineers, geotechnical, structural, interaction
Pages: 106
Published: 2003-02
Language: English
Category: Engineering, Professional & Technical,
ISBN-10: 0727731262     ISBN-13: 9780727731265
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 29.00 USD
This report has been prepared in the framework of the Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST) Action C7 for Soil-Structure Interaction in the Urban Civil Engineering. Based on a survey in 13 European countries and with additional input from the COST C7 members, the report focuses on several aspects effecting the interaction between structural and geotechnical engineers. As the theoretical foundation for the interaction between both disciplines is laid during education, the civil engineering education system of several European countries are described and evaluated. This informative report includes national regulations, such as building codes and laws, which provide the background against which the engineer must operate. Some examples are given of how mutual benefits are achieved by taking the soil-structure interaction into account during the design process as well as practical experiences concerning the interaction gained from international construction projects.

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