Comprehensive Criminal Procedure (Casebook)

Author: Ronald Jay Allen, Joseph L. Hoffmann, Debra Livingst
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Keywords: casebook, procedure, criminal, comprehensive
Pages: 1760
Published: 2005-03-15
Language: English
Category: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law,
ISBN-10: 0735546223     ISBN-13: 9780735546226
Binding: Hardcover (2)
List Price: 166.00 USD
  • Rating: 80%
When the authors created the first edition of <b>Comprehensive Criminal Procedure</b>, they tied it to contemporary thinking in the field and made it reflect the realities of the course as it is actually taught, covering both investigative and adjudicative topics. For the Second Edition, they revise and refine their materials to present the very latest developments in the field. <p class=copymedium>The casebook builds on the strengths that gained it so many adoptions: <li class=copymedium>comprehensive coverage of all the main topics for a criminal procedure course that treats police practices, trial, and post-trial -- including a full chapter on sentencing, an important subject that other books often fail to detail <li class=copymedium>excellent case selection and editing to portray the key issues <li class=copymedium>expertise of the authors, who draw on their varied backgrounds to bring intellectual depth and sophistication to the book <li class=copymedium>"law and society" approach, grounded in empirical research and the real-world consequences of court decisions <li class=copymedium>thoughtful, thematic organization around five main points: real-world implications of alternative regulatory regimes, the power of legislatures to indirectly eliminate procedural rights through changes in substantive criminal law, modern law of criminal procedure as a direct result of the effort to eliminate racial disparities in the U.S., implications of limited resources, and an emphasis on history, viewing criminal procedure as informed by its past <li class=copymedium>well-written notes that challenge students to carefully consider the ideas and questions raised <li class=copymedium>appropriate balance of explanatory text and secondary material to ensure a manageable length <li class=copymedium>substantial chapter on the increasingly important topic of plea bargaining</ul> <p class=copymedium>The Second Edition responds to changes in the law, as well as to user feedback: <li class=copymedium>new discussion of "critical stages" in the chapter on Right to Counsel <li class=copymedium>timely coverage of post-9/11 issues, such as profiling, terrorism investigations, and detention <li class=copymedium>additional coverage of FISA and of recent new emphasis on substantive appellate review <li class=copymedium>tighter editing of cases <li class=copymedium>reorganization within chapters for greater clarity <li class=copymedium>revised and updated Teacher's Manual</ul>

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