Comprehensive Criminal Procedure, 3rd Edition (Aspen Casebook)

Author: Ronald Jay Allen, William J. Stuntz, Joseph L. Hoffm
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Keywords: casebook, aspen, procedure, criminal, comprehensive
Pages: 1744
Published: 2011-08-03
Language: English
Category: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law,
ISBN-10: 0735587787     ISBN-13: 9780735587786
Binding: Hardcover (3)
List Price: 193.00 USD
Written by an unparalleled team of authors with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, Comprehensive Criminal Procedure, Third Edition, is a sophisticated cases-and-notes book that covers all the main topics for comprehensive criminal procedure courses, including police practices, pretrial, trial, and appellate and collateral review.

The third edition has been updated throughout, and a number of chapters have been substantially revised to reflect recent developments. The authors have carefully edited all of the cases and notes to allow the addition of new material without significantly lengthening the book. In addition, Andrew Leipold, one of the nation's leading criminal procedure scholars, joins the author team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience to the new edition.

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