Criminal Procedure: Investigation & Right To Counsel, 2nd Edition (Aspen Casebook)

Author: Ronald J. Allen, William J. Stuntz, Joseph L. Hoffma
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Keywords: counsel, aspen, right, procedure, investigation, criminal
Pages: 1060
Published: 2011-07-22
Language: English
Category: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law,
ISBN-10: 0735587809     ISBN-13: 9780735587809
Binding: Paperback (2)
List Price: 171.00 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Right to Counsel, Second Edition, is derived from the successful casebook Comprehensive Criminal Procedure and is designed for a short survey course or a traditional investigation course. Like the parent book, it covers investigation using a thematic approach and offers an appropriate balance of explanatory text and secondary material with well-written notes.

The Second Edition of this sophisticated book adds new co-author, Andrew Leipold, one of the nation's leading criminal procedure scholars, who brings a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience to the new edition.

Written by an outstanding author team, this casebook offers:

  • A manageable, accessible format.
  • Thematic organization, structured around important main themes:
    • Real-world implications of alternative regulatory regimes
    • The power of legislatures to indirectly eliminate procedural rights through changes in substantive criminal law
    • Modern law of criminal procedure as a direct consequence of the effort to end racial discrimination in the United States
    • The impact of limited resources
  • Sound grounding in the criminal process and the right to council.
  • Thorough coverage of
    • Boyd v. United State
    • The Fourth Amendment
    • The Fifth Amendment
    • Investigating Complex Crimes

New to the Second Edition:

  • Updated throughout.
  • Substantial revision of Chapter 3, Right to Counsel, fully incorporating recent and important developments in the areas of ineffective assistance and self-representation, and improving both content and organization of cases and notes throughout the chapter.
  • Reworking of Chapter 6, the Fifth Amendment, taking into account Supreme Court's recent line of Miranda decisions, as well as the recent dismantling of Michigan v. Jackson doctrine regarding the Sixth Amendment right to counsel.

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