Examples & Explanations: Criminal Procedure: The Constitution And The Police, Sixth Edition

Author: Robert M. Bloom, Mark S. Brodin,
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Keywords: constitution, police, procedure, criminal, explanations, examples
Pages: 408
Published: 2009-12-17
Language: English
Category: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law,
ISBN-10: 0735588503     ISBN-13: 9780735588509
Binding: Paperback (6)
List Price: 48.95 USD
  • Rating: 100%
Examples & Explanations: Criminal Procedure: The Constitution and the Police, Sixth Edition, using the method that has made it such a successful resource for students, continues to present the discussion of criminal procedure in a way that mirrors the sequence of real-life events in law enforcement.

Among the attributes that make this Examples & Explanations exceptional:

  • The organization, by following police procedure in sequential order, helps students develop a sense of the theoretical flow and logic of law enforcement.
  • Numerous charts and illustrations that graphically demonstrate legal standards and concepts, making them easier to understand.
  • Examples start out easy, to build students' confidence, and gradually become more challenging, to test their knowledge and analytical skills.
  • The proven Examples & Explanations format clearly explains concepts and encourages students to develop analytical and problem-solving skills.

New to the Sixth Edition:

  • Examples featuring Judge Sotomayor's cases
  • Expanded sections and cases include:
    • Discussions of computers and the Fourth Amendment
    • Fourth Amendment: Virginia v. Moore, Scott v. Harris, Brendlin v. California, Arizona v. Gant, Arizona v. Johnson
    • Sixth Amendment: Rothgery v. Gillespie, Montejo v. Louisiana
    • Exclusionary Rule: Herring v. United States
    • September 11th aftermath: Boumediene v. Bush

Give your students a meaningful overview of how criminal procedure works in the real world with Examples & Explanations: Criminal Procedure: The Constitution and the Police, Sixth Edition.

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