Have You Seen My Dragon?

Author: Steve Light, Steve Light,
Publisher: Candlewick
Keywords: dragon
Pages: 48
Published: 2014-04-08
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0763666483     ISBN-13: 9780763666484
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 16.99 USD
Enter a fascinating, ornately drawn cityscape and help a boy find his dragon while counting objects from hot dogs to traffic lights.

In the heart of the city, among the taxis and towers, a small boy travels uptown and down, searching for his friend. Readers will certainly spot the glorious beast, plus an array of big-city icons they can count. Is the dragon taking the crosstown bus, or breathing his fiery breath below a busy street? Maybe he took a taxi to the zoo or is playing with the dogs in the park. Steve Light’s masterful pen-and-ink illustrations, decorated with meticulous splashes of color, elevate this counting book (numbers 1–20) to new heights. Maybe the dragon is up there, too!

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