The Immortal Prince (Tide Lords Quartet)

Authors: Jennifer Fallon
Publisher: Tor Books
Keywords: quartet, lords, tide, prince, immortal
Pages: 512
Published: 2008-05-13
Language: English
Category: Australia & New Zealand, World Literature, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 076531682X     ISBN-13: 9780765316820
Binding: Hardcover (First Edition)
List Price: 27.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%
When a routine hanging goes wrong and a murderer somehow survives the noose, the man announces he is an immortal. And not just any immortal, but Cayal, the Immortal Prince, hero of legend, thought to be only a fictional character. To most he is a figure out of the Tide Lord Tarot, the only record left on Amyrantha of the mythical beings whom fable tells created the race of half-human, half-animal Crasii, a race of slaves.

Arkady Desean is an expert on the legends of the Tide Lords so at the request of the King's Spymaster, she is sent to interrogate this would-be immortal, hoping to prove he is a spy, or at the very least, a madman.

Though she is set the task of proving Cayal a liar, Arkady finds herself believing him, against her own good sense. And as she begins to truly believe in the Tide Lords, her own web of lies begins to unravel...

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