Spider-Man: Venom Vs. Carnage

Author: Peter Milligan, Clayton Crain,
Publisher: Marvel
Keywords: carnage, venom, spider
Pages: 96
Published: 2007-03-21
Language: English
Category: Superheroes, Graphic Novels, Comics & Graphic Novels,
ISBN-10: 0785115242     ISBN-13: 9780785115243
Binding: Paperback (Direct Ed)
List Price: 9.99 USD
  • Rating: 60%
What's worse than one mayhem-producing symbiote? Two. What's worse than that? Three. That's right: Venom's offspring, Carnage, is about to have a baby itself - a creature of indescribable power and appetites. Question is, who's gonna bring up baby? Quick - someone call Spider-Man! Guest-starring Black Cat!

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