Essential Ghost Rider, Vol. 1 (Marvel Essentials)

Author: Roy Thomas, Michael Ploog, Jim Mooney, Tom Sutton,
Publisher: Marvel
Keywords: marvel, essentials, rider, ghost, essential
Pages: 560
Published: 2006-12-20
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0785118381     ISBN-13: 9780785118381
Binding: Paperback (Direct Ed)
List Price: 16.99 USD
  • Rating: 60%
When orphaned stunt-show star Johnny Blaze discovers his adoptive father Crash Simpson is dying of a rare blood disease, he barters his immortal soul for a miracle cure. The trade-off ultimately leaves him bound to the demon Zarathos, and their melding of spirits would manifest itself every night in the form of Ghost Rider, the most supernatural super-hero of all! Collects Marvel Spotlight #5-12, Ghost Rider #1-20 and Daredevil #138.

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