Periodical Acquisitions And The Internet (Acquisitions Librarian Series)

Authors: Nancy Slight-Gibney
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: acquisitions, series, librarian, internet, periodical
Pages: 123
Published: 1999-01-29
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0789006774     ISBN-13: 9780789006776
Binding: Hardcover (1)
List Price: 35.95 USD
Periodical Acquisitions and the Internet reveals emerging trends in selecting, acquiring, and accessing electronic journals to help you use and understand these resources for the benefit of your patrons. This book stresses the need for librarians to understand copyright and contract laws, the complexity of the Internet business environment, and the need for constant training in order to take full advantage of electronic information. From Periodical Acquisitions and the Internet, you?ll find proven methods, collection development procedures, and problem-solving techniques that will keep you current to the changes in collection librarianship and help you provide patrons with advanced and easy-to-use resources.

Giving you insight into selection policies and plans created by several universities, professionals from Iowa State University, American University, and University of Arizona will give you tips and guidelines for selecting and using electronic journals based on their experiences. With Periodical Acquisitions and the Internet, you?ll receive smart, innovative suggestions on how to make the transition into digital resources easier for you and your patrons, including:
  • communicating collection development plans with colleagues and considering future and present curriculum needs
  • saving time by using web-based catalogs to easily locate and choose journals
  • providing access to users with vision impairments with programs such as JAWS, ZoomText, or Outspoken
  • receiving user statistics from Internet access to guide your collection process and best serve your clients
  • keeping accurate records of purchasing arrangements and accommodating order specifications using the NOTIS system to provide useful management reports
  • using current and proposed standards for identifying serials in order to purchase individual electronic journal titles or individual articles
  • keeping equipment functioning correctly, gaining hardware and software knowledge, and updating job skills and requirements as keys to managing change, alleviating anxiety, and promoting success

    Exploring technological advances that make access to information easier for you and your patrons, this book discusses the increasing number of Internet links that connect journal citations to original articles. With Periodical Acquisitions and the Internet, you?ll be able to choose the electronic journals that are most needed by your patrons and devise a plan to maintain excellence in selection methods and staff efficiency.

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