Prayer: Too Busy Not To Pray (Christian Basics Bible Studies)

Authors: Bill Hybels
Publisher: IVP Connect
Keywords: bible, studies, basics, christian, pray, prayer
Pages: 60
Published: 1994-05-31
Language: English
Category: Bibles, Christianity, Religion & Spirituality,
ISBN-10: 0830820043     ISBN-13: 9780830820047
Binding: Paperback (Adapted)
List Price: 8.00 USD
Do you have trouble finding time to pray? So much clamors for your attention: work, school, friends, family, church--the list goes on and on. Time for God and time to pray often seem impossible to fit into packed days and nights. Six studies based on Bill Hybels's Too Busy Not to Pray show you how to slow down, listen to God and find refreshment in his presence.

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