Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear

Authors: Max Lucado
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Keywords: life, imagine, fearless
Pages: 240
Published: 2009-09-08
Language: English
Category: Christian Living, Christianity, Religion & Spirituality,
ISBN-10: 0849921392     ISBN-13: 9780849921391
Binding: Hardcover (1ST)
List Price: 24.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

They're talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming. The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word terror. Fear, it seems, has taken up a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Oversized and rude, fear herds us into a prison of unlocked doors. Wouldn't it be great to walk out?

Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? If you could hover a fear magnet over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity, or doubt, what would remain? Envision a day, just one day, where you could trust more and fear less.

Can you imagine your life without fear?

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