The Alberta High School Math Competitions 1957-2006: A Canadian Problem Book

Authors: Andy Liu
Publisher: Mathematical Association Of America
Keywords: problem, book, canadian, competitions, school, math, alberta
Pages: 283
Published: 2009-09-30
Language: English
Category: Math Games, Puzzles & Games, Entertainment,
ISBN-10: 0883858304     ISBN-13: 9780883858301
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 61.50 USD

Although there were some older contests in the Maritime region and in Lower and Upper Canada, the Alberta High School Mathematics Competition was the first and oldest in Canada to be run on a provincial scale. Started in 1957, the competition recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. These fifty years can be broken down to three periods, Ancient (1957-1966), Medieval (1967-1983) and Modern (1984-2006), with very distinctive flavors which reflect what was taught in the schools of the day. The first two periods are primarily of historical interest. During the Modern period, the talented problem committee was led by the world renown problemist Murray Klamkin, and composed many innovative and challenging problems.

In this book you will find all the problems and answers for the first fifty years of the competition, up to 2005/2006 and full solutions are provided to those from the Modern period, often supplemented with multiple solutions or additional commentaries. Taken together, this unique collection of problems represent an interesting and valuable resource for students today preparing for these types of mathematics contests.

The Alberta High School Mathematics Competitions 1957-2006: A Canadian Problem Book is published by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in collaboration with the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). It is the second volume in The Canadian Collection.

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