Bloody Bush (Sergeant Series No. 3)

Authors: L. Levinson
Publisher: Zebra
Keywords: series, sergeant, bush, bloody
Published: 1980-08-01
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0890836477     ISBN-13: 9780890836477
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 2.25 USD
Maverick troublemaker Sgt. CJ Mahoney and his kill-crazy sidekick, Cranepool, seem to draw all the assignments nobody else can handle. This time, they're sent to bail out Charlie Company of the First Battalion, Fifteenth infantry regiment, which is about to be torn into pieces by the deadly panzer units in Normandy's savage Battle of the Hedgerows. It's Mahoney's deadliest test, as he must struggle against his own yen for girls, brawls and good times, not to mention an implacable German military genius - and a vengeful Yank commander who wants to see The Sergeant's hide hung up on the "bloody bush" of the Hedgerows.

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