Joe Jones: Radical Painter Of The American Scene

Author: Andrew Walker, Janeen Turk,
Publisher: Saint Louis Art Museum
Keywords: american, scene, painter, radical, jones,
Pages: 224
Published: 2010-11-10
Language: English
Category: Individual Artists, Arts & Photography,
ISBN-10: 0891780947     ISBN-13: 9780891780946
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 60.00 USD
This groundbreaking volume is a long-overdue consideration of the life and work of Joe Jones (1909-1963), an American scene painter and social realist from St. Louis. The book examines Jones's meteoric rise from humble housepainter to established artist of national importance and recognition. It considers his work in terms of its modernism, relationship to Communism and issues of race, as well as the artist's involvement with locale, ideas about authenticity and social commitment, and the aesthetic debates of the 1930s.

Five essays place Joe Jones in social and art-historical context, exploring his significance in the St. Louis art world, the centrality of race and social justice to his life and work, the Dust Bowl, the Ste. Genevieve art colony, and Jones's years in New York.

Andrew Walker is assistant director for curatorial affairs at the Saint Louis Art Museum. The other contributors are Debra Bricker Balken, Kevin Sharp, Janeen Turk, and M. Melissa Wolfe.

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