Chronopia: War In The Eternal Realm

Author: Thomas Talamini, Peter Flannery, Alan Cowsill, Adrian
Publisher: Excelsior Games
Keywords: realm, eternal, chronopia
Pages: 367
Published: 2002-08-12
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0972220208     ISBN-13: 9780972220200
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 40.00 USD
From beyond the grave the One King has returned to reclaim his lost kingdom. His people, the Firstborn, have thrown off the shackles of their enslavement and hunger for vengeance. The usurpers squandered the spoils of war and the great Triad of Elven Dukes, Dwarven Overlords and the Ogre Emperor collapsed.

With the fall of their alliance each realm has fallen into chaos and unrest. The Goblins of the Fallen Lands have left the Empire and created a rift in the mighty Blackblood Dynasty. The Elven Noble Houses scheme and plot against each other and the Dwarves are locked in a fierce battle for their very survival.

The four Dark Prophets, twisted by their hatred for the One King, made terrible pacts with an unspeakable evil which threatens to consume the world in darkness and slavery. A forgotten race, the Stygian, has awakened and as it shakes the sleep of ages from its shoulders, the realsm of Chronopia shall bleed in earnest.

The sun has set on this dark world. It is a time of uncertainty and treachery as kin fights against kin in a desperate struggle for their very souls.

It is a time of heroic deeds and blasphemous evil.

It is the Fourth Age of Chronopia and the final war has come to the Eternal Realm.

This massive tome contains:
* A detailed history of the realms of Chronopia.
* A comprehensive rules section.
* Artwork by some of the best artists in the industry.
* Detailed information of the eight major kingdoms of the Chronopia's Inner Sea.
* Full color templates.
* Eight fully detailed army lists.

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