Secret And Dangerous: Night Of The Son Tay POW Raid

Authors: William A. Guenon Jr.
Publisher: King Printing Company, Inc.
Keywords: raid, dangerous, night, secret
Pages: 146
Published: 2003-01-04
Language: English
Category: Southeast Asia, Asia, History,
ISBN-10: 0972358900     ISBN-13: 9780972358903
Binding: Paperback (Second Edition)
List Price: 17.95 USD
A thrilling eyewitness account of the secret humanitarian mission in 1970 by one of the pilots who flew the amazing C-130 aircraft on the edge of a stall at night while leading six helicopters in close formation deep into North Vietnam for a daring rescue attempt of POWs being held in the shadows of Hanoi.

As a two-part story, it also describes the same raider-pilot's return to Son Tay prison 24 years later, in broad daylight with camera in hand, including his high-anxiety confrontation and arrest by North Vietnamese police.

It includes 64 rare pictures and diagrams, most never declassified and published until now.

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