2012 Exit Now Interstate Directory (Exit Now: Interstate Exit Directory)

Authors: Good Sam Publishing
Publisher: Good Sam Publishing
Keywords: exit, directory, interstate
Pages: 600
Published: 2012-04-01
Language: English
Category: World, Atlases & Maps, Education & Reference,
ISBN-10: 0982489463     ISBN-13: 9780982489468
Binding: Spiral-bou (Spi)
List Price: 24.95 USD
2012 Exit Now Interstate Exit Directory is a spiral-bound, easy-to-use co-pilot telling you exactly what you’ll find at over 17,900 exits on every U.S. Interstate. Locate your favorite full service or fast food restaurants, shopping malls, outlets, fuel stations and medical services within one mile+ from each exit.  Look up rest area and welcome center facilities, scan exits for easy RV and large vehicle access and parking.  In case of emergencies, quickly find medical services such as hospitals, pharmacies, veterinarians and emergency clinics.  This is the perfect reference for vacationers, RVers, and truckers.

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