Paul Cain--A Prophet In The Hall Of Kings: Between Iraq (eh-rok) And A Hard Place

Authors: R Scott Giberti
Publisher: First Stone, LLC
Keywords: hard, plac, iraq, kings, cain, prophet, hall, paul
Pages: 188
Published: 2011-08-27
Language: English
Category: Prophecy, Divination, New Age, Religion & Spirituality,
ISBN-10: 0983947104     ISBN-13: 9780983947103
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 9.80 USD
He is Dr. Paul Cain. Evangelist and public speaker for over sixty years. Former Senior Diplomatic Advisor for the Washington Federal News Service, consultant to CIA/DIA Intelligence agency—Paranormal Division, consultant to the FBI—National Center for Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism and Presidential Consultant and Special Envoy for three presidents. This book, Paul Cain, a Prophet in the Hall of Kings—Between Iraq (Eh-rok) and a Hard Place is not a full-scale biography, though it does sketch a personality portrait with some key moments in his life. Instead, this book mostly focuses on foreign policy, with an emphasis on the Iraq of Saddam Hussein’s era, and the Middle East. Readers will be taken inside the meetings that he had with foreign diplomats, several presidents, their staff, key advisers and close friends. While still in his mother’s womb, an angel appeared to his mother with a message from the Lord: "The fruit of your womb is a male child. Name him Troas Paul. He will preach the gospel as the Apostle Paul of old... and he will prophesy to Kings and Presidents." All of this came to pass exactly as it was told, and is continuing to unfold even now… In 1985, while the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Project STAR GATE was in full swing, Dr. Cain was contracted as a “remote viewer” by George H.W. Bush’s administration. For two terms President Clinton tasked him to travel to Iraq on several top-secret missions of national urgency. Unknown to Dr. Cain, President Clinton or Saddam Hussein, decisions they made would set in motion a chain of events that would topple Middle Eastern leaders, send a wave of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism coursing towards America, and set in motion the “End of Days…” You MUST find out what Saddam meant when he told Dr. Cain, “President Clinton is the hope of Iraq, and the hope of the world.”

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