Neglected But Undefeated "The Life Of A Boy Who Never Knew A Mother's Love"

Authors: Jonathan Anthony Burkett
Publisher: Jonathan Anthony Burkett Publications
Keywords: love, mother, life, undefeated, neglected
Pages: 295
Published: 2013-01-01
Language: English
Category: Child Abuse, Family Relationships, Parenting & Relationships,
ISBN-10: 0985297077     ISBN-13: 9780985297077
Binding: Kindle Edi
List Price: Unknown
This book is surprising, dramatic, unbelievable, heartbreaking expressions said and done. One young man going through trials and tribulations, feeling unloved, unwanted, never needed, and unexpected, from a lady that he had finally understood was his true mother. The one he was told loved him the most in the world no matter what she does and says to him. Growing up and feeling like there was and cannot be any future and purpose for him because he felt and was being told that he could die and day to come. For reasons of that he couldn't control his feelings and seizures that were occurring because of the hatred he felt towards him from the one that loved him the most in this world.

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