Lessons From 100,000 Cold Calls

Authors: Rogers
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Keywords: calls, cold, lessons
Pages: 288
Published: 2008-01-01
Language: English
Category: Telemarketing, Marketing, Marketing & Sales, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 1402210345     ISBN-13: 9781402210341
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 11.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Stewart Rogers has made 100,000 cold calls…and lived to tell about it. Now, in Lessons from 100,000 Cold Calls, this veteran sales pro shows salespeople how to cold call their way to success.

Compiling his lessons and techniques into an easy-to-use
guide, Rogers shows salespeople how to:

-Set realistic, yet challenging goals
-Build a master database of sales prospects
-Write simple yet powerful scripts
-Build immediate and intimate trust by phone
-Sell concept and credibility in 60 seconds
-Sell ethically by phone

Free audio samples available for download online will help readers hone their phone and selling skills. B2B telemarketing is as hot as ever, and Lessons from 100,000 Cold Calls is the one book salespeople need.

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