Searching Skills Toolkit: Finding The Evidence

Author: Caroline De Brún, Nicola Pearce-Smith, Carl Heneghan
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Keywords: evidence, finding, toolkit, skills, searching
Pages: 136
Published: 2009-01-27
Language: English
Category: Online Searching, Internet, Home Computing, Computers & Internet,
ISBN-10: 1405178884     ISBN-13: 9781405178884
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 36.95 USD
The distinguishing feature of this pocket-sized searching skills book, like all the Toolkit series titles, is its user-friendliness. The guiding principle is that readers do not want to become librarians, but they are faced with practical difficulties when searching for evidence, such as lack of skills, lack of time and information overload. They need to learn simple search skills, and be directed towards the right resources to find the best evidence to support their decision-making.

A user-friendly, Hands-On guide to literature searching, which is an essential skill for all involved in health care research and development, researchers, and students from all disciplines.

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