Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach

Authors: James W. Neuliep
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Keywords: approach, contextual, communication, intercultural
Pages: 496
Published: 2005-12-21
Language: English
Category: Communications, Skills, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 1412917417     ISBN-13: 9781412917414
Binding: Paperback (3rd)
List Price: 73.95 USD
  • Rating: 60%
"This text seems perfectly geared to the current generation of highly pragmatic students, who are eager for structure, for information that is organized and repeated for easy assimilation, and for steady readouts on how they are doing." -TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION

The Third Edition of Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach is a state-of-the-art introduction to the processes that are critical for successful and competent communication with people from different cultures. Author James W. Neuliep advances his contextual model of intercultural communication to examine communication within cultural, micro-cultural, environmental, socio-relational, and perceptual contexts.

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