Making Room For Mr. Right: How To Attract The Love Of Your Life

Author: Robin Mastro, Michael Mastro,
Publisher: Atria Books
Keywords: love, life, attract, right, room, making
Pages: 256
Published: 2009-01-06
Language: English
Category: Personal Transformation, Self-help,
ISBN-10: 1416583378     ISBN-13: 9781416583370
Binding: Paperback (Original)
List Price: 16.99 USD
  • Rating: 100%
Making Room for Mr. Right is for women who are ready to go beyond wishing and hoping for the man of their dreams. Here is a concrete, time-tested way to draw him into your life. Making Room for Mr. Right introduces actions and principles you can do now to make your most cherished dream come true.

No kidding.

In this long-awaited book, Robin and Michael Mastro translate prosperity techniques used for thousands of years into a single method for drawing the prosperity of love into your life. Recognized experts in Vastu Shastra, they offer this inspired plan to women who are ready for the relationship their heart truly desires.

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