Friends With Benefits

Author: Lena Matthews, Maggie Casper,
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Keywords: benefits, friends
Pages: 196
Published: 2009-07-30
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1419959255     ISBN-13: 9781419959257
Binding: Paperback (1ST)
List Price: 10.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%
For Bailey Edwards, deciding on a no-strings-attached affair was the easy part. Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter. Tired of men who want her only for her looks, Bailey has given up on romantic relationships that lead nowhere. An affair with Sebastian could be the perfect solution - hot explosive sex with no commitment. What more could a girl ask for? Sebastian Emerzian isn't sure what to think when his female best friend propositions him. He's already resigned himself to a friends-only relationship with Bailey despite his long-held desires for more. Sebastian is more than willing to turn up the heat as long as the headstrong beauty understands he'll be defining the terms of their new relationship. While Bailey may be looking for a "friend with benefits" type of relationship, she'll learn the hard way that if she wants to play, she'll have to do things his way. And Sebastian doesn't play nice for anyone. Readers Advisory: While this is a stand-alone novel, we recommend reading Maverick's Black Cat first.

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