National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide, 3rd Edition

Authors: Stephen F. Cunha
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
Keywords: study, guide, official, geographic, national
Pages: 128
Published: 2008-01-08
Language: English
Category: Social Skills, Issues, Children's
ISBN-10: 1426301987     ISBN-13: 9781426301988
Binding: Paperback (3)
List Price: 9.95 USD
  • Rating: 100%
The latest edition of the guide book every Bee contestant needs to compete with confidence is here. The National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide will help kids in grades four through eight prepare for the Society’s prestigious annual geography competition. Featuring maps, photos, graphs, and a variety of questions actually used in past Bees, plus an extensive resource section, this guide not only reviews geographic facts but also helps readers recognize themes, identify clues that lead to correct answers, and understand how geographers think. In the Third Edition all statistics have been revised to reflect the most up-to-date figures. New question rounds have been added along with new tips on how to study from previous Bee winners. Resources have been fully reviewed to ensure the most current information about all things geographic.

This completely revised edition of our authoritative study guide will help geography students prepare to compete for college scholarships totaling $50,000 in the annual National Geographic Bee. With informative text and a user-friendly layout, the Study Guide is the ultimate expert resource for sharpening geography skills. This excellent guide, which provides facts and explains the concepts behind geography, is the only source book officially sanctioned by the National Geographic Bee.

Your first question is easy: Do you have the latest edition of this essential geography resource on your shelf?

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