Reflections On The Gospel Of Matthew

Authors: Dr. Maris McCrabb
Publisher: IUniverse
Keywords: matthew, gospel, reflections
Pages: 300
Published: 2010-04-05
Language: English
Category: Bibles, Christianity, Religion & Spirituality,
ISBN-10: 1450202446     ISBN-13: 9781450202442
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 21.95 USD
Do you want to better understand scripture? Reflections on the Gospel of Matthew takes a unique, thematic approach to the first Gospel that creates a better understanding of God's word. Reflections cover all of the major themes in Matthew; God, the Kingdom of God, Jesus, Jesus' mission, salvation, us, and our mission. The Bible is God's plan for our redemption and salvation. The Gospel of Matthew presents the role of Jesus, Son of God and Messiah, in God's plan. Jesus teaches us that faith in Him and loving and serving God by loving and serving one another is our path to eternal life. Believers know scripture is essential for a full life in Christ. Reflections on the Gospel of Matthew offers a unique approach to Bible study. Matthew's words and explanations of the text are included throughout the book. Who Matthew was and who he wrote for will also be revealed as well as where Matthew's Gospel fits into the rest of the Bible and how the Bible became available in English. Whether used for Bible study groups or for individual study, Reflections on the Gospel of Matthew brings to life the words of the everlasting life of Christ, spoken for our redemption and salvation, found in the Gospel of Matthew.

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