The Pathfinder: How To Choose Or Change Your Career For A Lifetime Of Satisfaction And Success

Authors: Nicholas Lore
Publisher: Touchstone
Keywords: lifetime, satisfacti, career, change, choose, pathfinder
Pages: 448
Published: 2012-01-03
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1451608322     ISBN-13: 9781451608328
Binding: Paperback (Rev Upd)
List Price: 16.99 USD
Do you jump out of bed every morning and rush to a job you love? Or is your work just a way to pay the bills? Whether you are a seasoned professional in search of a career change or just starting out, let The Pathfinder guide you to more engaging, fulfilling work. Based on breakthrough techniques developed by the author’s award-winning career coaching organization, Rockport Institute, The Pathfinder has changed the lives of thousands. This completely revised and updated new edition offers more than fifty self-tests, diagnostic tools, and the acclaimed Rockport Career Design Method to help you choose an entirely new career, an entrepreneurial path, or the ideal job in your present field. You’ll learn:

How to design your new career step-by-step—a realistic, attainable career that fits your talents, personality, goals, and interests—a new career you will love

How to deal successfully with the “Yeahbut” negative thoughts and obstacles that keep you going back to the same old ill-fitting job, day after day

How to land the perfect job in your new field using personal marketing and networking (even for those who hate to network)

At once comprehensive, insightful, practical, and empowering, The Pathfinder will be your personal career coach, expertly guiding you through the process of moving forward from your present uncertainty to designing a career that fits you elegantly, perfectly, like a custom-made suit.

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