Dinosaur Boy

Authors: Cory Putman Oakes
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Keywords: dinosaur
Pages: 224
Published: 2016-04-05
Language: English
Category: Humorous, Literature & Fiction, Teen & Young Adult,
ISBN-10: 1492634476     ISBN-13: 9781492634478
Binding: Paperback (Reprint)
List Price: 7.99 USD

Everyone knows the dinosaur gene skips a generation.

So it isn't a complete surprise when Sawyer sprouts spikes and a tail before the start of fifth grade. After all, his grandfather was part stegosaurus.

Being a dinosaur is pretty cool, despite a sudden craving for vegetables. Except some of the kids at school aren't too thrilled with his spikey tail – even if he covers them with tennis balls. Sawyer is relieved when a couple of the bullies mysteriously stop coming to school, until he discovers a secret more shocking than Dino DNA! The disappearing kids are in for a galactically horrible fate...and only Sawyer, with the help of his friends Elliot and Sylvia, can rescue them.

"A hilarious adventure and as sharp as a stegosaurus's tail...fantastic." ―Nathan Bransford, author of Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow on Dinosaur Boy

"Funny, fast-paced, and filled with surprising twists, Dinosaur Boy is a charming story... will have boys and girls roaring for more!" -Nikki Loftin, author of The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy and Nightingale's Nest

A Junior Library Guild selection

And don't miss the thrilling sequel Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars ― coming February 2016.

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