Elon Musk: Renaissance Man

Authors: Ryan McIntire
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Keywords: renaissance, musk, elon
Pages: 130
Published: 2015-03-21
Language: English
Category: Business, Professionals & Academics, Biographies & Memoirs,
ISBN-10: 1508996474     ISBN-13: 9781508996477
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 12.99 USD
“Optimism, pessimism, f*** that--we're going to make it happen.” - Elon Musk Elon Musk is a modern-day fusion of Henry Ford and Isaac Asimov. One of the most successful and renowned entrepreneurs in the world, he’s an unstoppable force in multiple industries. If Musk glances at your business, your product, or your engineers, watch out… he’s about to ruin your day.

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