Quarterly Guided Bullet Journal Teal Geo

Authors: Shannon Hansen
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Keywords: teal, journal, bullet, guided, quarterly
Pages: 100
Published: 2016-07-04
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1535107022     ISBN-13: 9781535107020
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 8.99 USD
Quarterly is a 90 day Guided Bullet Journal. It blends everything you love about a bullet journal with the structure of a planner. You will find all the elements of a bullet journal including lots of blank dotted pages, an index page, a key, monthly and weekly spreads and journal prompt pages for each month. Quarterly gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively with just enough structure to prevent blank-page-freeze-up. Quarterly can be used as a stand-alone journal or as a part of the Master Bullet Journal™ system. The system uses a master bullet journal packed full of lists, goals, plans, intentions & dreams coupled with 4 quarterly planning journals giving you a year of beautiful bulleting. The master journal houses the big-picture of your year while the quarterly journals let you plan & record the journey along the way...with a fresh journal every 90 days. All journals are undated, you choose when to begin your bullet journal.

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