Math For Civil Service Workers

Authors: LearningExpress Editors
Publisher: Learningexpress, Llc
Keywords: workers, service, civil, math
Pages: 240
Published: 2007-03-23
Language: English
Category: Civil Service, Test Guides - Careers, Education, Reference,
ISBN-10: 1576854280     ISBN-13: 9781576854280
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 19.95 USD
All civil service exams contain a mandatory math section. If you're like many candidates, you haven't taken math in years, and you might be nervous about putting your math skills to the test. Math for Civil Service Tests is an indispensable math workbook and resource guide that gives you the edge you need to ace the exam and beat the rest. The book provides two complete practice tests including full answer explanations, basic math instruction-including lessons on fractions, decimals, percentages, and measurement, practical math strategies and advice that break down and solve all math problems. There's also proven methods for setting up and solving word problems and a glossary of math terms to help you remember key concepts at test time. Plus, you'll get two study plans to meet your scheduling needs: a step-by-step 30-day plan and a concentrated 14-day plan!

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