Partnering: A New Kind Of Relationship

Author: Hal Stone, Sidra Stone,
Publisher: New World Library, Nataraj
Keywords: relationship, kind, partnering
Pages: 256
Published: 2000-01-20
Language: English
Category: Interpersonal Relations, Relationships, Health, Mind & Body,
ISBN-10: 1577311078     ISBN-13: 9781577311072
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 15.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Famed therapists Hal and Sidra Stone show readers how to turn their relationships into true "joint ventures" - ones in which partners balance their need for relationship with their need for individuality, relinquish judgment and criticism, improve their decision-making and communication abilities, celebrate their sensuality and sexuality, and include children in their lives without sacrificing their own relationship. The Stones' greatest contribution has been revealing the many selves that make up our personalities. In this book, they show how those selves impact our relationships, and they offer both general concepts and specific tips that will help couples of all kinds succeed.

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