The Wind Book For Rifle Shooters

Author: Linda K. Miller, Captain Keith Cunningham,
Publisher: Paladin Press
Keywords: shooters, rifle, book, wind
Pages: 134
Published: 2007-01-01
Language: English
Category: Shooting, Hunting & Fishing, Outdoors & Nature,
ISBN-10: 1581605323     ISBN-13: 9781581605327
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 28.00 USD
All other factors being equal, it is your ability to read the wind that will make the most difference in your shooting accuracy. The better you understand the behavior of the wind, the better you will understand the behavior of your bullet. Now, champion shooters Linda K. Miller and Keith A. Cunningham reveal everything they wish they'd known about reading the wind before they started shooting -- instead of having to learn as they went along -- in concise, easy-to-read terms. The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters contains straightforward guidance on the simple thought process they use to read the wind, the techniques and tactics they use to win matches and the underlying skills that support both. Let these champions show you how to put together a simple wind-reading "toolbox" for calculating wind speed, direction, deflection and drift. Then learn how to use these tools to read flags and mirage, record and interpret your observations, and time your shots to compensate for wind. The essential wind-reading basics taught in this book will absolutely improve your shooting skills, whether you're a target shooter, a plinker, a hunter or a shooting professional.

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