Drawn In: A Peek Into The Inspiring Sketchbooks Of 44 Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, And Cartoonists

Author: Julia Rothman, Vanessa Davis,
Publisher: Quarry Books
Keywords: artists, illustrators, fine, sketchbooks, peek, inspiring, drawn
Pages: 192
Published: 2011-06-01
Language: English
Category: Graphic Design, Design & Decorative Arts, Arts & Photography,
ISBN-10: 1592536948     ISBN-13: 9781592536948
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 24.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%
This book shares large full-color images and profiles each of the amazingly talented artists that discuss their sketchbooks and how they use them.
People are fascinated by artist's sketchbooks. They offer a glimpse into private pages where artists brainstorm, doodle, develop and work on ideas, and keep track of their musings. Artists use these journals to document their daily lives, produce their initial ideas for bigger projects, and practice their skills. Using a variety of media from paint to pencil to collage, these pages can become works of art themselves. They often feel fresh and alive because they are first thoughts and often not reworked. These pages capture the artist's personalities along with glimpses of their process of working and inspirations.
See inside the sketchbooks of artists Jessica Hische, Mike Perry, Jen Corace, Matt Leines, Jill Bliss, Camilla Engman, Anders Nilsen and many more.

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