Nuts, Bolts, And Jolts: Fundamental Business And Life Lessons You Must Know

Authors: Richard A. Moran
Publisher: Rooftop Publishing
Keywords: life, lessons, business, fundamental, bolts, jolts, nuts
Pages: 246
Published: 2006-09-30
Language: English
Category: Motivation & Self-improvement, Business Life, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 1600080154     ISBN-13: 9781600080159
Binding: Paperback (1st)
List Price: 14.95 USD
The bestselling bullet point king is back with his most comprehensive guide, Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts: Fundamental Business and Life Lessons You Must Know. Imparting more than just humorous observations, Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts offers prescriptions for the common workplace ills.

These insights are the true "nuts and bolts" of business fundamentals, yet you won't find this bullet-proof advice in any MBA program or employee handbook. Developed from years of observations (and countless awkward moments), Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts delivers over 2,000 bullets of dead-on advice ranging from how to always stay productive to knowing what food not eat before an important meeting.

Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts does not promise to make you a billionaire, but it does offer a roadmap to:

-Understanding that work isn't something to dread

-Achieving a level of balance between life and work

-Using common sense that will impress your boss, so he/she will show you the money

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