The Delight Makers (Forgotten Books)

Authors: Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: books, forgotten, makers, delight
Pages: 416
Published: 2008-02-16
Language: English
Category: Social Sciences, Nonfiction,
ISBN-10: 1605068896     ISBN-13: 9781605068893
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 10.98 USD
Adolf Bandelier was a pioneering Southwestern explorer and anthropologist. This is a novel based on his experiences with the Pueblo Native Americans of New Mexico. The ethnographic novel very rarely works as either ethnography or novel. In this case, it works as both. Not only does The Delight Makers open a door into the world of the pre-Columbian Pueblo Indians, it is also a great contribution to the literature of the Southwest.

The Delight Makers is a Greek tragedy of a story, in which the treachery of a woman causes a community to fall apart. As the story progresses, we become immersed in Pueblo culture, to the point where we don't even notice when Bandelier stops explaining the untranslated terms and unfamiliar customs. (Quote from

About the Author

Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (1840 - 1914)
Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (August 6, 1840 - March 18, 1914) was an American archaeologist after whom Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico is named.

Bandelier was born in Bern, Switzerland. When a youth he emigrated to the United States. After 1880 he devoted himself to archaeological and ethnological work among the Indians of the southwestern United States, Mexico and South America. Beginning his studies in Sonora (Mexico), Arizona and New Mexico, he made himself the leading authority on the history of this region, and - with F. H. Cushing and his successors - one of the leading authorities on its prehistoric civilization.

In 1892 he abandoned this field for Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, where he continued ethnological, archaeological and historical investigations. In the first field he was in a part of his work connected with the Hemenway Archaeological Expedition and in the second worked for Henry Villar

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