Introduction To The Pharmaceutical Sciences: An Integrated Approach (Pandit, Introduction To The Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Author: Nita K. Pandit PhD, Robert P. Soltis PhD,
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Keywords: pandit, approach, integrated, pharmaceutical, sciences, introduction
Pages: 480
Published: 2011-10-13
Language: English
Category: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Medical
ISBN-10: 1609130014     ISBN-13: 9781609130015
Binding: Paperback (Second)
List Price: 69.95 USD
This unique textbook provides an introductory, yet comprehensive overview of the pharmaceutical sciences. It is the first text of its kind to pursue an interdisciplinary approach. Readers are introduced to basic concepts related to the specific disciplines in the pharmaceutical sciences, including pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, and medicinal chemistry. In an easy-to-read writing style, the book provides readers with up-to-date information on pharmacogenomics and includes comprehensive coverage of industrial drug development and regulatory approval processes. Each chapter includes critical-thinking exercises, as well as numerous figures, tables, and graphs. Many chapters contain review questions, practice problems, and cases. More than 160 illustrations complement the text.

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