Lonely Planet St Petersburg (Travel Guide)

Author: Lonely Planet, Tom Masters, Simon Richmond,
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Keywords: guide, travel, petersburg, planet, lonely
Pages: 272
Published: 2012-06-01
Language: English
Category: St. Petersburg, Russia, Asia, Travel,
ISBN-10: 1742209807     ISBN-13: 9781742209807
Binding: Kindle Edi (6)
List Price: Unknown
'Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other'. New York Times

This eBook offering is an excerpt of Lonely Planet's latest Russia guide book and includes:
  • 'St Petersburg' chapter
  • 'Need to know' Chapter
  • St Petersburg maps

This chapter gives you glittering spires, gilded domes, and the incomparable Hermitage. The long summer days of the White Nights season are when Piter's citizens come out to party, but winter in this magical city will also warm you up, body and soul.

This guide is the result of research by dedicated authors and local experts who immersed themselves in St Petersburg, finding unique experiences, and sharing practical and honest advice, so you come away informed and amazed. This guide includes up-to-date reviews of the best places to stay, eat, sights, cultural information, maps, transport tips and a few best kept secrets - all the essentials to get to the heart of St Petersburg.

Coverage includes: History, Sights, Around St Petersburg, St Petersburg for Children, Petrodvorets, Lomonosov (Oranienbaum), Strelna & around, Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo), Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Kronshtadt, Repino.

Lonely Planet's Russia guide is researched and written by: Simon Richmond, Mark Elliott, Leonid Ragozin, Michael Kohn, Robert Reid, Marc Di Duca, Mara Vorhees, Marc Bennetts, Greg Bloom

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