English Skills (Folens English Skills) (Bk. 3)

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Publisher: Folens Publishers
Keywords: english, skills, folens
Pages: 88
Published: 2006-01-14
Language: English
Category: Language Arts, Reference & Nonfiction, Children's Books,
ISBN-10: 1843038544     ISBN-13: 9781843038542
Binding: Paperback
List Price: Unknown
Graded reading, comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and basic literacy skills are included in each book. Activititesed and lesson/learning tasks are provided through all books for all skills (5 to 11 year olds). This book offers progressive development of key language skills, which means grammar, punctuation, spelling, comprehension, and poetry, all in one volume. Which means that this is the only book needed to cover the syllabus. It covers all key elements of both Scottish 5-14 guidelines and the National Literacy Strategy. Short, sharp activities provide for flexibility of use, whether for whole class, group or individual work. It is ideal for reinforcement or extension activities.

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