Fatty O'Leary's Dinner Party

Authors: Alexander McCall Smith
Publisher: Polygon An Imprint Of Birlinn Limited
Keywords: party, dinner, leary, fatty
Pages: 176
Published: 2015-04-10
Language: English
Category: Contemporary, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 1846973236     ISBN-13: 9781846973239
Binding: Paperback
List Price: Unknown
It takes a lot to get under the skin of Cornelius 'Fatty O'Leary, but then there is a lot of skin to get under. The heroically proportioned Fatty can normally take life as it comes. Right at home in easy-going Fayetteville, Arkansas, he is happily married to his childhood sweetheart Betty, and likes nothing better than the company of good friends Tubby O'Rourke and Porky Flanagan. But when Fatty and Betty head off to Ireland on the trip of a lifetime, they find that they have left their comfort zone far behind. Calamity and mayhem ensue as one mishap after another befalls the beleaguered couple. Can Fatty's broad shoulders take the strain or will he suffer one indignity too many? Will he get his just deserts, or just dessert?

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