Dangerous Weapons: 1e4e5: Dazzle Your Opponents In The Open Games! (Everyman Chess)

Author: John Emms, Glenn Flear, Andrew Greet,
Publisher: Everyman Chess
Keywords: games, everyman, open, opponents, weapons, 1e4e5, dazzle, dangerous
Pages: 336
Published: 2008-04-15
Language: English
Category: Chess, Puzzles & Games, Humor & Entertainment,
ISBN-10: 1857445422     ISBN-13: 9781857445428
Binding: Paperback (1st)
List Price: 25.95 USD
In Dangerous Weapons: 1 e4 e5, renowned opening experts John Emms, Glenn Flear and Andrew Greet take a revolutionary look at one of the most famous and widely-played chess openings. Instead of travelling down well-trodden and analysed paths, the authors concentrate on fresh or little-explored variations, selecting a wealth of ‘dangerous’ options for both colours. Whether playing White or Black, a study of this book will leave you confident and fully-armed, and your opponents running for cover!

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