Attacking Chess: The French (Everyman Chess Series)

Authors: Simon Williams
Publisher: Everyman Chess
Keywords: chess, series, everyman, french, attacking
Pages: 320
Published: 2011-06-14
Language: English
Category: Chess, Puzzles & Games, Humor & Entertainment,
ISBN-10: 1857446461     ISBN-13: 9781857446463
Binding: Paperback (First)
List Price: 27.95 USD

Simon Williams presents an ambitious opening repertoire for Black based on the ever-popular French Defence. In this book one of the world’s most imaginative Grandmasters combines his unique attacking ideas with the traditionally solid French structure, resulting in a powerful armoury of weapons. This will prove ideal for players who like to seize the initiative and cause problems for their opponents from the outset. Williams’ recommendations are based on his own practical experience, where his ideas have stood the test of time against powerful grandmaster opposition.


Attacking Chess is a brand new series of opening repertoire books. It focuses on traditional attacking openings, as well as creative and forceful ways to play openings that are not always associated with attacking chess. It provides ambitious repertoires designed for players of all levels.


*A Grandmaster’s repertoire in the French Defence

*Packed with new ideas, analysis and novelties

*Illustrative games explain typical plans and tactics

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