Big Book: Jobs Around My Neighborhood / Oficios En Mi Vecindario (English And Spanish Foundations Series) (English And Spanish Edition)

Author: Gladys Rosa-Mendoza, Ann Iosa,
Publisher: Me+mi Publishing
Keywords: vecindario, english, oficios, neighborhood, jobs, book
Pages: 20
Published: 2007-07-01
Language: English
Category: Careers, People & Places, Children's
ISBN-10: 193139881X     ISBN-13: 9781931398817
Binding: Paperback (Volume 9.1)
List Price: 23.95 USD
Introduces children to various jobs around the neighborhood through colorful illustrations.

What do children want to be when they grow up? Here's a great way to introduce them to different kinds of jobs they might see around their own neighborhoods. This fun learning book in English and Spanish depicts people engaged in a wide variety of useful occupations and tells the reader what each person does. The colorful and lively illustrations are especially appealing to children. A complete pronunciation guide is included in the back of the book for quick and easy reference. Inspire children with the possibilities of the workaday world!

Familiarice a niños con varios oficios en el vecindario a través de coloridas ilustraciones.

¿Qué quieren ser los niños cuando sean grandes? He aquí un magnífico modo de presentarles distintos tipos de trabajo que podrían ver en su propio vecindario. Este divertido libro de aprendizaje en inglés y español ilustra a distintas personas que participan en una amplia variedad de útiles ocupaciones y le cuenta al lector qué hace cada persona. Las coloridas y animadas ilustraciones son particularmente atractivas para el lector infantil. Al respaldo del libro hay una guía de pronunciación que sirve como consulta rápida y fácil. ¡Inspire a los niños con las posibilidades del mundo laboral actual!

The Benefits and Features of the English · Spanish Foundations series include:
• Perfect size for teaching to large groups
• Helps teach vocabulary and other oral language concepts
• Summary page at the end to recap and instruct
• Helps kids get ready to read
• Helps develop phonemic, print, and numeric awareness
• Large bright colorful pictures to keep kids engaged
• Simple but engaging text
• Useful for beginning Spanish at any level
• Useful for beginning English at any level

Our Guiding Principles:
• We believe that every child should be read to from birth.
• We believe every child should be taught at least two languages.
• We strive to surpass each customer's expectations.
• We will only produce the highest quality products.

Our Vision:
me+mi publishing will be a company that is recognized for producing the finest dual language products that allow children to function at a high level equally well in English and Spanish.

me+mi publishing has received the following literary awards:
• Benjamin Franklin Award
• Chicago Book Clinic Book and Media Show
• Latino Literary Hall of Fame Mariposa Award
• Latino Literary Hall of Fame
• Latino Literary Hall of Fame Honorable Mention
• Writer s Digest Certificate of Merit

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